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MERINO DELUXE Australia knows every dog or cat needs luxury and comfort to maintain health and longevity . This AUSTRALIAN MADE 6-8cm high loft DELUXE PETS JUMBO  SHEEPSKIN BED RUG is huge and made to highest quality with quality backing  and quality insulating filling to keep your pet cool in the heat and warm in the cold much like your homes insulation and these are safe and tested product . Made from finest Grade whole sheepskin joined to give the large size bed you want for your bed . Sheepskin breathes so it stays cool in Summer and incredibly warm in Wwinter but will not overheat your bet because its Natural and it breathes .  CHOOSE From the JUMBO  Size : approx 100cm x 70cm OR THE  120 x 65cm for SUPER JUMBO     Colours : Chocolate ,  .  Made of fine quality MERINO Sheepskin in AUSTRALIA  .  FREE DELIVERY AUSTRALIA WIDE .  AUSTRALIAN MADE on average taking 3 hours to make one . DRYLCLEANABLE  OR Wipe with damp wet sponge and with some Tea shampoo to clean . Sheepskin does not smell and inhibits bacterial growth .

Note our CHOCOLATE . CHARCOAL AND BLACK are true to life and dark colours not the light shade showing .

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