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Luxury BOWRON Natural Sheepskin Rug


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     The  Merino sheep  is renown for its superfine and supersoft fibres with thickness down to 15 - 20 microns which no other natural or man-made product can compare  and together with  highly dense fleeces make the Natural Merino Sheepskin Rug  the only rug to have on the bed or the floor or to put your precious children on with 65 millimetre long natural supersoft fibres its like sitting on clouds . BOWRON sheepskins have used only natural non-toxic  washes and dyes  to produce there skins so thats why we at MERINO DELUXE of AUSTRALIA are proud to be affiliated with such safe and environmentally aware products . We sell the huge Jumbo ( the largest single rugs  sizes) and  the colour is  : Natural (as in picture ).   Huge  Jumbo size 117cm x 75cm wide . Free Australia wide delivery .  Makes  a fine  gift too . These are  the biggest sizes guaranteed and we select ours especially to be the biggest and thickest  and its Australian made and tanned plus it  comes in its own  plastic carry case .

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